Wordsworth, Poutini

Auckland, NZ

Wordsworth, Poutini

Wordsworth Poutini is another medium-density collaboration with Housing New Zealand. Construction is in Manurewa, Auckland. It offers a mix of building typologies – one, two and three-bedroom units alongside two five-bedroom townhouses – which together form a total of four blocks on site.

wordsworth poutini new zealand project

Wordsworth, Poutini

Funnel Rd, Manurewa, Auckland

This type of build is designed to feel like a traditional neighbourhood where people in the community can see a mix of housing levels and sizes as they pan the area.

Allowing for a mix of different typologies in the one space can make a building feel like a community.

Drone Images

3 Bedroom Units

2 Bedroom Units

1 Bedroom Units

External Images – Units


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