With the extensive rise in house prices in New Zealand, the worrying shortage of affordable, secure and safe rental homes it is time to say “enough is enough” – we need solutions.

With this ongoing crisis at hand, Niche Modular has identified some of the key problems associated with this crisis and has come up with a solution – a volumetric modular solution.

Niche Modular Construction Limited acquired Advanced Building & Construction Limited on Tuesday 10th August 2021.

Effectively still in business start-up mode, in just under two years Adbuild had successfully delivered 50 homes and nearly 100 education spaces comprising of near 350 building modules.

Niche Modular deliver exceptional volumetric modular building solutions through a combination of processes – both Manufacturing & Construction – or as we like to term it “Manustructuring”.

Operating across both private and public sectors, producing turnkey solutions for a range of customers including residential, education, commercial and office – we can apply our unique, innovative modular designs to almost any building type.

Niche Modular is about to embark on the next phase of strategic growth and is looking to appoint and create a highly-skilled, collaborative, New Zealand-based team to lead the journey.

The solution of volumetric modular housing involves many advantages, such as minimal time on site to reduce weather delays, mass production of entire layouts to reduce costs, better safety  outcomes for workers through reduced working heights, factory level quality control, and we can integrate prefabricated components (prefab within prefab) for greater efficiencies.

As a result of these productive building capabilities, this means we can pass on cost savings and speed of the entire build which means homes are available sooner and are more affordable.

We are committed to leading the building industry in New Zealand and are currently based out of a Wellington production facility which produces a range of residential dwellings, education buildings, offices, and other modular solutions for our customers across New Zealand.

Our talented & experienced team delivers amazing results

colin daly niche modular

Colin Daly

Chief Executive Officer

jacques de bedout niche modular

Jacques De Bedout

Design Manager

nico patchay niche modular

Nico Patchay

Technical Manager

jennylyn yenko niche modular

Jennylyn Yenko

Financial Controller


All of our modular homes and commercial projects are constructed at our innovative modular construction hub in Petone, Lower Hutt.

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